Blackboard request for Fall 2017

Canvas is now the default learning management system at UNL. That means that all courses being taught at UNL will automatically have course sites created in Canvas.

Some teachers may still wish to teach using Blackboard during Fall 2017. This tool is designed to allow you to request that your Fall 2017 courses appear in Blackboard. Click here to begin using the tool, and to indicate which courses need Blackboard course sites for Fall 2017: Login


Users do not need to request Blackboard access to view or use content created in Blackboard prior to Fall 2017. All courses and content from Summer 2017 and earlier will still be available to all users at All users will lose all access to Blackboard - including the ability to teach courses and access archival data - in June of 2018. For information on how to preserve your existing Blackboard data so you do not lose it after June 2018, click here: